3 Décor Ideas for Cake Shops

Not all businesses need a unique luxurious touch as the bakeries do. We know how crucial the lights and designs are in a corporate building, but that wouldn’t the style you would want at a cinema hall. A theatre lounge that doesn’t waft of popcorn sounds like a place you would never want to visit. Although these aren’t the prerequisites of a theatre hall, you keep subconsciously craving for that scent to stay in there.

Cake shops or bakeries are no different. There needs to a unique design on the walls and shelves, and the aroma must linger within in order to attract more people to the store. The look and feel of the place play a big role in building the business. Every glare can be translated into a purchase only when the interiors are as appealing as the designs of the cakes. Let us look at a few décor ideas for cake shops.

3 Décor Ideas for Cake Shops

1. Identify the Target Market

Before you proceed with a certain interior designer for your bakery, you need to pay close attention to the target market. This is the most important step in setting up a perfect store for selling your freshly baked cakes. Once you set the target market, you can choose a layout and design that blends well with the customers at the cake shop. If you sell generic cakes for all occasions, stick to a style that would please everyone. On the other hand, if your target audience is brides and grooms, meaning when you specialize in wedding cakes, weave elegance, subtlety, light colors, and sophistication to display the perfect designs on the walls. For shops focusing on birthday party cakes for kids, the underlying features should emit bright lights and must have a fun feel.

2. Pay Attention to the Display

Selling baked items and cakes is your business’s unique feature, and there is nothing as key in it as the display of your products. It is imperative that you create a store where the customers can walk in to be instantly amazed by the wide variety of options. When considering a good display, you shouldn’t simply arrange cakes in the store for the people to see from a distance. Every new addition should be close enough to be accessed and tasted as they please. Segregated displays and spacious walkways will make for the perfect display of cakes in your shop. Make sure to keep all baking equipment out of their sight.

3. Colors and Lighting

The choice of colors used in bakeries should never be too peppy or dark. It could make space look smaller. Kids cake shops can be bright, but other stores would always look best in neutral colors. Align the color scheme with the products being sold at your shop. Accent and soft patterns can be used for lighting your bakery, but you need brighter lighting to display all the products placed on the counters and shelves.

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