Sisters Lindy Angel and Jolynn Wright combine the best of flavor and artistry. In the world of cake, anything is possible and all is only a sketch away. And, did we mention cupcakes?  Stop and smell the buttercream!

2011 Hollow Creek Golf Club Bridal Show

We offer 8 cupcake flavors daily. 
Let us customize some for you.
All Childrens, Occasion, and Wedding cakes are made to order. 
Lindy Angel, Owner
Jon Angel, Owner
Jolynn Wright, Manager
Margie Williams, Assistant Manager
Shae Yamrus
Stephanie Davis
Teion Van Dam

319 East Church Street
Everedy Square and Shab Row
Frederick, Maryland
Telephone: 301 898-2666

Thurs-Sun: 12:00 Noon - 6:00 PM
Mon- Wed:  Closed